3 Tips for Saving Money on Your Teen Drivers Insurance

Adding a teen aged driver to your family's auto insurance policy can be intimidating.  You have likely heard the stories of sky-rocketing premiums when your young driver becomes part of your policy.  The addition of your teen driver doesn't need to be scary and below are some simple suggestions for saving money when it the…
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Is Your Home’s Deck Safe?

One of the best things about summer is taking advantage of the warmer weather and enjoying the great outdoors. For some, this means heading to the beach, hiking trails and spending time at parks. For others, however, it means simply sitting on their deck and sunbathing or enjoying a summer evening. While this may seem…
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Should I use my insurance company’s auto repair shop?

My answer to this question will take a slightly different tack than those already provided. Let’s get to the bottom line first: It is your prerogative to take the vehicle to a body shop of your choice. If you have a body shop that you prefer and want to have them do the work… feel…
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