What’s the cheapest car insurance in NY?

"I'm 20 (female) with an 1991 Honda and a couple minor infractions, and I'm really looking to get a cheaper insurance plan. What would you recommend? Thanks!!" As a young driver, making your insurance cheaper is a challenge. This is a longish post, but utilizing the short and long term strategies below is a sure…
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What should first time car buyers know about car insurance?

There was a time when the Make and Model of the Vehicle made a huge difference in the cost of insurance, especially for a first time, younger and/or inexperienced driver. Been there, done that, with my 1970 Chevy Camaro SS. Yikes! That is also true today, but not to the extent it was 10 or…
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What are misleading things insurance agents tell their clients?

Misleading Things Insurance Agents Tell Their Clients: Misleading Auto Insurance Tale #1: "All Insurance Is the Same" The Truth: We live in an age where many of the major players in the insurance business would have you believe that insurance is a commodity. It's only the price that matters. I don't have to cite the…
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